Self-Assembled Prêt-à-Porter

AA School Paris, Fall/ Winter 2011

Fashion is a unique creative platform that must undergo onto mutation. Self-assembled Prêt-à-Porter Unit seeks to raise awareness within architectural education to avoid processes of ‘pop’ aestheticisation and thereby, preventing the risk of anaesthetisation of our society.

Self-assembled Prêt-à-Porter develop a new kind of skin operating as responsive systems to the contemporary needs of the human body, society and technology.
Confronting the currently existing ‘capitalism comfort zones’ in fashion industry (mass- distribution primarily) this studio seeks to engage self-assembled protocols as dynamic landscapes to generate architectonic surfaces.
Aided by handcrafted and software-generated physical modelling, the unit experiment with form finding methods and prototyping in order to achieve a design proposal.

During week 1 the workshop commence by researching the possibility of integrating natural systems within contemporary design disciplines, fashion and architecture. Participants examine biological systems found in nature, from sea flora and fauna, like sponges, to all common-structure vertebrates and reptiles. The aim of the initial research is to draw inspiration to biomimic the local intelligence and structural systems of these creatures.
During week 2 participants were introduced to methods of creating feedback loops between their physical experiments and digital tools. Computation is used as means to facilitate multi-scalar design: from landscaped bodies and tectonics to experimental fashion design.

Melisa Orozco (Mexico)
Fernanda Arrillaga (Mexico)
Aileen Pham (Australia)
Megan Sadler (United Kingdom)
Giulia Conti (Italy)
Yan Anya Yan (China)
Maria-Thala Al-Aswad (Syria)
Marie-Perrine Plaçais (France)
Olivia Pearson (United Kingdom)
Stephanie Bashir (Lebanon)

Jorge Ayala (Mexico) / Riyad Joucka (Jordan)

Ana Maria Feijião (Portugal)

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