Louis Vuitton Workshop, Les Arts Décoratifs, Paris, France, 2014
in collaboration with Lund University

The state, quality or condition of being resonant: words that had resonance throughout life.
Richness or significance, especially in evoking an association or strong emotion

In Acoustics: Intensification and prolongation of sound, especially of a musical tone produced by sympathetic vibration.
In Linguistics: Intensification of vocal tones during articulation, as by the air cavities of the mouth and nasal passages.
In Physics: A subatomic particle lasting too short a time to be observed directly.

Resonance has particular significances and characteristics, including presence, balance, reverberation, refinement and thickness.
Resonance Workshop created a series of spaces starting from a curatorial selection of art objects from Les Arts Décoratifs and Louis Vuitton Collections, each of which express explicitly: history, know how, experiences, aesthetics and spatial ergonomics.

We refined the concept of Resonance via a repertoire of formal explorations and spatial coordination materialized onto an architectural project. The main outcome to Resonance is that capability of creating spaces developing and processing ‘objets d’art’ intriguing nature, evolving them towards multiscalar typologies, landscaped bodies and experimental tectonics.
Students, tutors and LV mentors articulate such speculative scenarios onto plausible Louis Vuitton brand experiences and spaces.
Processes result onto material systems to an alternative ‘luxury’ world, developing research into uncommon spatial qualities. Rather than simply defining a precise trend for luxury, shopping or window merchandising, Resonance foster authenticity, instrumentalizing identity and performance; investigations onto material, form, structure and matter.

Lund University Students:
-Jon Bossuyt
-Johan Bång
-Elin Daun
-Simon Elander Hinnerud
-Ludvig Holtenäs
-Viktor Johansson
-Maja Linse
-Sebastian Lundberg
-Claudia Tanskanen

Facades, Skins, Interiorities
Viktor Johansson

Spatial Attributes
Maja Linse, Claudia Tanskanen and Jon Bossuyt

Product Display
Elin Daun

Special Thanks to
David McNulty
Louis Vuitton Architecture Department Director

Kar-Hwa Ho
Louis Vuitton Architecture Design Director

Tina-Henriette Kristiansen
Architectural Mutations Studio Director
Lund University
Department of Architecture, Department of Theoretical and Applied Aesthetics

Curated by:
Béatrice Quette
Les Arts Décoratifs

Guest Critic:
Sol Camacho

107 rue de Rivoli 75001 Paris

Les Arts Décoratifs Resonances
Students dissect an object from Les Arts Décoratifs, as means to explore different concepts and potential possible applications and derivations.

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