Mexico-City born Jorge Ayala founded [Ay]A in 2011.
[Ay]A Studio is a global design laboratory based in Paris committed to cutting edge research and material experimentation across scales in both theoretical and professional praxis.
Through computational tactics and physical innovation, [Ay]A tailors Architecture to different disciplines: art, chemistry, landscape urbanism, engineering, marketing, music, editorial, as well as product and clothing design. In 2012 Ayala expanded [Ay]A’s entrepreneurial ambition to the Ayala Collection brand, a new paradigm to the currently in vogue ‘digital couture’, fully produced and prototyped in France.

Within the current cultural context of data-informed architecture, [Ay]A seeks to open up an alternative to the highly parametric monochrome momentum currently in vogue within the neoliberal architectural market.
Staying ahead with anonymous shapes and avoiding any kind of advanced capitalism aesthetics, [Ay]A operates as a cabinet of curiosities, technological innovation and material (r)evolution in a post-digital era.