How Does Mudjacking Work?

If you have ever heard about mudjacking then your first reaction on hearing this term would probably have revolved around being confused. The first thing that people ask about mudjacking is what exactly is it? Well, mudjacking is a pretty simple solution for a big problem; it is a process that exists to level out concrete surfaces that have become unlevelled due to the ground underneath them eroding or shifting. Mudjacking is a popular solution for a number of reasons; it isn’t messy, it is cost effective and can be done quickly.

Mudjacking starts off by identifying the depressed area. Once that has been done, a team of professionals brings a set of equipment that is used to elevate the depressed area. The team drills a small hole in the concrete surface that needs to be elevated and passes a tube through that hole. The team then connects this tube to a mixing and pumping machine that will fill the depressed area in order to elevate it. Usually, a cement like mixture is prepared and then gets injected into the ground through the previously drilled hole.

The depressed area gets filled up until the concrete surface becomes levelled again. Once this is done, the team extracts the tube and closes the hole with a bit of concrete. The end result is a nicely levelled surface that does not show any signs of being tampered with at all. Mudjacking provides a quick and easy fix for many situations. It is especially useful in dealing with ground that has been eroded by rainwater. You can find the best mudjacking KC has to offer by getting in touch with Kansas City Mudjacking Specialists. You can get in touch with them through their website and also view their services from there.

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