AA School Paris F/W ’12

Les Arts Décoratifs – Palais du Louvre, Paris, France, 2012

The Architectural Association School of Architecture, one of the world’s most respected and ambitious pedagogical laboratories for architectural design and spatial research, offer a 10 day international visiting programme in Paris running twice per year since 2010.

The course is an intensive studio-based programme that requires full-time participation.

An AA certificate will be awarded upon completion of this ten-day programme.

Designing Desire

Following the great acclaim of the school’s Parisian agendas throughout the past 2 years of experimentation, the Architectural Association is proud to announce its 3rd academic year. From Fall 2012, AAMA Jorge Ayala and his international students will look into the future of fashion in collaboration with Louis Vuitton.
Premiering and pioneering a new discipline that operates between architecture and fashion, the Architectural Association School Programme in Paris combines these adjoining fields and leverages from their particular design knowledge, technology and articulation to contemporary culture.

The AA Parisian program will offer AA students and participants the unique opportunity to work with experts from the field of fashion and design and speculate on real world demands and scenarios, ranging from handbag design to pop-up store speculations to urban interventions. Design and Craft talents from Louis Vuitton Paris will be actively involved in the studio to inform these explorations.
Through the investigation of current industrial processes in analogue and digital fabrication, AA Paris seeks out new nichés in design representing creative opportunities by addressing the rapidly growing gaps in terms of specific needs, demands and cultural desires.

AA School Program in Paris is today’s only cutting-edge unit in Academia worldwide focusing exclusively on novel approaches to the [fashion + architecture] emerging praxis, alternative forms for clothing – accessory morphologies and methods of retailing. AA Paris international students will speculate into the future of fashion in collaboration with luxury inventiveness market-leader Louis Vuitton. AA School in Paris seek to raise awareness within architectural education to prevent the continuous risk of anaesthetisation of our societies.

Programme Director:
Jorge Ayala

AA School Director:
Brett Steele

AA Global Schools Director:
Christopher Pierce

Louis Vuitton:
David McNulty
Architecture Department Director

Kar-Hwa Ho
Architecture Design Director

GDR UK Features Editor Sheena Patel

Guest Critics:
Chris Pierce
SKINGRAPH Karl Kjelstrup-Johnson

Musée des Arts Décoratifs, 107-111 rue de Rivoli, Paris 75001

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